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Well Pumps - The Wave of the Future
Posted on September 18th, 2013

            Have you ever considered living out in the country? My grandparents have. In January of this year, my grandparents made the move from California to Arizona. They bought themselves a beautiful ranch-style home in the middle of nowhere and got to work on fixing it up. The home was built in 2007, so it was more a matter of filling it with possessions and making it livable. It was by accident that the well was discovered.
            My grandparents own three dogs: a German Shepard, a black lab, and a Shiatsu. The black lab was the newest and youngest addition to their family, and as such, she was the most energetic. Early one morning, my granddad was having a quick smoke outside when he noticed their lab slip behind a lightly forested part of the property. My granddad hadn’t yet been to that part of the property, but being a curious old man, he followed the dog. Lo and behold, an antique well was discovered in the midst of some towering trees.
            Here’s where the plumbing aspect of this whole story comes in: that well was providing the water for the entire house. How can you conclude that? Well, since my grandparents were living in the middle of nowhere, the water company didn’t extend its lines out that far. As such, the people living in that area had to rely on themselves to get water for their homes.
            How does that work? Well, pretty easily, actually. In a town or city, water is provided to all the residents through an invisible network of underground pipes. However, if you live too far out of the town or city limits, finding water for your home is left up to the homeowner. Thankfully, most homeowners who live in the country have access to their very own well. Now, a “well” generally brings to mind this sort of picture:

            Not all wells look like wells. In most places of the United States, Arizona included, if you go into your backyard and dig a couple of feet under the ground, you’ll find water. In a few unlucky places, you’ll have to dig deeper to strike water, but regardless of where you live, your area has a substantial amount of water for the taking. Using a well-system to power your home can free you from having to pay money to the water company.
            How can you do this? Well, you’ll need a pump to transport water from the well out from the ground and up to your home. In such a case, a jet pump is your best bet. This kind of pump uses a suction force to draw the water up from the ground and can usually bring water up and out a distance of about 25 feet.
            If you’re interested in giving this sort of thing a try, you’ll need to buy a good quality water pump to work for you. If you’re like most people, you won’t be sure where to look, so I’ll recommend a manufacturer of pumps for you: Grundfos. Grundfos is a world leader in the manufacture of water pumps and blends energy saving water pumps with new and innovative technology. If you want more information on this topic, visit this link to see how well pumps work a little more in depth:

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